- Would you think of me?
- For what?
- Well, if you don’t get to marry Mr. Bixler.
- I guess.

My Girl (1991)


Angelina jolie 19 old, By Michel bourquard 1994



Jared Leto on the set of American Psycho (2000) dir. Mary Harron


The ‘Love Actually’ couple spending the day at Wimbledon 2014


separation is such an illusion. we are one

The Strokes - Governors Ball NYC 2014

Photos by Pooneh Ghana


Vivien Leigh on the set of Gone With the Wind

"People go on about those long scenes, but it’s not doing something for a trick or gimmick – it’s about doing what’s necessary. Why cut? If you have a close-up and what you’re getting is incredible, stay with it, look at it. It’s about what actually works. The fact is, it’s exciting. There’s film time, and there’s real time. These happened in real time and that’s exciting. You’re putting an audience in a situation that feels like reality." - Steve McQueen

This is Llewyn Davis, our folk-singer friend.

White Northern Lights in Finland


"Thinking of Plan B muddies up your chances of succeeding at Plan A." -  Charlie Day


How the world reacted to Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling’s baby news.