American Beauty (1999)

Lars and the Real Girl (2007)


This story keeps on getting better and better


The Sky Was Talking to me | by: Dale Kaminski

Into The Woods Stills

Léa Seydoux by Theo Wenner

July 30th, 2014: Wearing dreads during the opening act of the artRAVE in Phoenix, Arizona

Lady Gaga and Asia by Sebastian Faena for Harper’s Bazaar September Issue

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Jack White playing Blue Orchid at the Chicago Theatre on 7.23.14 for the first time in 7 years since The White Stripes played it on 7.31.07


"Since being quite young, I’ve had a very strong sense of independence and survival. As a child, I was on my own two feet emotionally."


Marilyn photographed in Korea, 1954.

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Lana Del Rey - Shades Of Cool

My baby lives in shades of blue
Blue eyes and jazz and attitude